BPC Mission Statement

The mission of Brady Presbyterian Church is to embrace God’s mission in our area by engaging in evangelism, by encouraging spiritual growth among our members and in our community; by helping the sick, the elderly, and the disadvantaged; and by demonstrating the love of God for our neighbors.

We will equip and encourage people of all ages and ethnicities to be effective Christians through inspired and informed worship, Christian education, prayer, and fellowship.


We have been a Presbyterian presence in Brady since 1901. First meeting in Klondyke Hall, which later became the Duncum Tire Store, Brady Presbyterian Church started with 19 recorded members. Later, it moved to the upstairs of the Rudder Drug Store. In 1905, the church constructed its own building on the corner of South Bridge and Fourth Street. By 1943, due to the old building having foundation problems, the congregation built a new building at 900 South Blackburn Street (the corner of South Blackburn and 8th street).  Over the last 76 years Brady Presbyterian has ministered to the community from this location.  Brady Presbyterian Church has been in Brady for 118 years.  Many things, in our community and the world around us, have changed in that time, yet Brady Presbyterian has remained constant in its ministry and mission. We have always been a small and faithful congregation. We invite everyone to come and join us in worship, Bible study, and fellowship.